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Increasing Instagram Followers is a main goal of many Instagram accounts that want to have an influence in the society. Increasing your audience in Instagram helps you to improve your business. Get more followers shows your power in cyber space. In this article I introduce 6 ways to increase your Instagram audiences. These 6 ways are easy to use and more effective for your audience.

Create Template for your post and stories. Integrated template for your content attracts more followers in your page. People pay attention to what they see and integrated content makes good experience of visiting your page. If you are an advanced user of adobe, learn Adobe Lightroom and if you need some easier tools you can visit canva website that is good for beginner.
Have schedule for your post: Although scheduled posts show your discipline. Sometimes posting unscheduled post makes people angry and they may leave your page. Think about a page that have zero post for a week and suddenly have 10 post simultaneously in a day. Of course this is bothering your audience.
Follow users with a robot. Following user can take their follow back to your page. Experience shows that this way take average of 30 followers per day. This can be a good way for new Instagram users. But be careful about Instagram restriction. You cannot send more than Instagram limitation per second. Sending more causes your page being blocked by Instagram.
Create challenges in your page. Challenges may refer to a lottery in your page that encourage people to follow your page or any other innovative challenges that you have created.
You can promote one of your posts by Instagram. Promotion is one of the tools that Instagram proved for users. This feature helps you to have more seen by users in Instagram feed. This part needs to pay money but it worth to have more followers.
Have advertise in other famous and similar pages. In this scenario you need to have a good advertisement video or post picture that attract people to your page. You can combine advertisement with a challenges in your post. For instance you can create a lottery and advertise it to other pages, so many user want to win your lottery and may follow you.
Improving in Instagram needs to be patience and have lots of innovation. Of cures people wants to reduce they problem and you can be a solution for most of them. Think about your audience and take their glance at your page. See the situation from your audience; it’s the most important point that helps you to have a good page in Instagram.


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    1. Thank you for your comment and sharing us your experience. of curse there are more ways to increase Instagram followers and your experience help us. I will share your experience. thank you very much.

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