Car racing Computer Game

My interest in programming has been the reason exuding of many ideas during the very first months of my student-life. When the second semester of university began, all the students knew me as an elite programmer. However, my desire for learning and growing did now allow me to subside of ambition and pause. In the middle of this semester I started to write my most studentship powerful program in C++. The program was a graphical game in the C++ that was created in the black console environment.

The parameters of this program:

  1. A drop-down menu that unlike windows command prompt programs that ask a question of a question, it moved by keyboard flash moves.
  2. It was a 3D graphics background that presented a lot of visual attraction.
  3. There was a car racing game in the heart of this program which was designed similar to Atari Game. Although losing was never completely defined in this game, but it always stayed attractive for me.


  • C++

  • Car racing Computer Game

Ali Hafezi