Internship report, Backup and Maintenance of RAID System


What was done in this training course includes two major part, one of them was network setting up and supporting and the other was about the system of storage and retrieval based on Raid 5. During this time, I was familiar with basic contexts of these two concepts and also I tactilely learnt these categories. It was a simple laboratorial course that as we trained and I in the same time could train in an operational environment and I lively see a company in normal stream and touch it.

In the field of network, the main work was supporting the network that this LAN network had problem many times and we tried to keep the network running.

Problems such as mac address or interrupting in parts of the network, restarting it and determining the level of user’s access.

In the field of the storage system the only problem we encountered was that one of the hard drivers was destroyed and by replacing with another hard driver, the system restarted again without removing any cent of data.

 I had a close observation in  purchasing and installing the equipment and also in repairing and sometimes changing old equipment.


RAID, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks


Ali Hafezi