Calculator Studentship Programming

In the beginning of 2008 I never thought that some months later will be turning point of my life that it can influence the rest of my life. I learnt the language of visual basic programming in junior of Ostad Motahhari High school. At first I saw that connecting with this is hard for me, but turning point of my life had happened just in the last sesstion of programming class in my seventeen, during April of 2008 when dehiscence had happened unbelievably. The first program was wrote exactly in exam sesstion of programming, while it just one hour left to the end of exam. A program in which its aim that was creating a visual calculator with capacity of addition and subtraction and multiplication and division turned to an advanced calculator that in addition to four main operations, calculates sinus and cosine operations.

I always ask myself that if I had designed a simple calculator  then to where will lead me my life path.


  • Visual Basic

  • Calculator

Ali Hafezi