Ali Hafezi

I am a creative, Experienced and ambitious full stack web developer with a talent for thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ideas and designs. I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering from Azad University of Science and Research and subsequently have worked in the Web Application for the past 12 years.

What I Do


Online Services become the main activity for buying and selling in this age. For many years of developing business website and Consult people I can help people to create and manage their own online business platform.

Web Development

Design and Developing website are the main Expertise that I have. I'm a full stack web developer that know both Front-End and Back-end of the web.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or S.E.O is the one of the main aspect of online attraction. without any attraction no one understand the existence of your website or your online business platform. S.E.O is one of 19 thing that attract people.

Software Development

Websites are not the only thing I can Develop. For Many years of educating software Engineering Developing Application is one of my favorite.


Ali Hafezi