HTML CSS JavaScript

HTML, CSS and JavaScript, three core concept of web design

Web Design is the Process of creating Static pages of website. This is a process comes after graphic design process. In graphic design is process of illustration of website as a picture and web design is a process of creating those illustration into static web pages. There are many skills that Designer need to be a web designer in those skills there are 3 core concept that every web designer should know about them. This article pay attention to those 3 core concept.

HTML CSS JavaScript
HTML CSS JavaScript are the 3 main core of the web design.

HTML, Hyper Text Markup Language

As describe in its name HTML has 3 properties. Those properties are Hyper Text, Markup and to be a Language. To have a close view of this language, explanation of each properties help to understand it.

1-      Language

HTML is a display Language. Is a language because it has grammar and has syntax. HTML elements describe as a tag. Tag has a syntax.

Tag syntax declare in the bottom block.

<Element Attribute=”Value” … > Text Content </Element>

This language represent display elements in website. The word display means that those element use to display data. Although XML represent to store and transport data, HTML represent to display data. This language it doesn’t have any programmatic feature.

2- Hyper Text

HTML is a plain text. You can use just a simple notepad to write a HTML and designed to be both human- and machine-readable. The lack of programmatic feature in its nature make it easy to use. In other hand this language use interpreter to show the result so, any text processor can be a tools for write HTML.

3- Markup

To be a markup means any word its use as a data in website surrounds by HTML tag. Markup is a feature that help this language usable for Search Engine Optimization. Each word or sentences in documents describe an element by the markup language. So search engine can interpret those word and understand their feature.

In one word HTML is a display of data. HTML process display data to the information. For instance paragraph represent as p tag or image represent as a img tag. This separation of concept transform those data to information.

CSS, Cascading Style Sheet

CSS (style sheet language) used for describing the presentation and style of each HTML tag written in a web document known as HTML. Each element of HTML needs to have style for Visual identity. The main user of website are human and human needs visualization to understand better. As an Example HTML without CSS are the bone without skin.

CSS language need rule for its work. As W3C describe CSS rule, each rule has syntax.

CSS rule syntax declare in the bottom block.

Selector { property:value; property:value; … }


The two language describes as HTML, CSS have purpose of display data and design those data. HTML is a container of data and CSS has a design purpose for those data that HTML contain them. Both of them don’t have programmatic ability. In this situation we need third language to add some programmatic ability to the web pages. That’s why web designer need JavaScript as a client side program language. Some of JavaScript purpose describe in below.

1- Add animating feature to web pages.

Slider, Gallery Show, Media Player and … are the elements that need calculation. Although CSS version 3 add some animating feature, in many case it’s not enough. JavaScript keep its place in animation of web design even CSS growth more than this.

2- Create web application

Some web application need process in client side process. For example web application that represent game, online calculator, online roll dice and so many online service.

3- Form validation

Forms are the main part of each website that get users data for comments, send email or many other interaction. Validating these form need program that manipulate data. For Instance Email validation or phone number validators.

The purpose of JavaScript is more than these three things. Of course these three are more common and very necessary for creating web pages but we can’t mention those as all purpose. In one sentence any process need programmatic calculation in client side need JavaScript.

Now it’s obvious why these three languages are the main core of web design. HTML is a core language because of data Container and transformation of data to information. CSS return those element to the visual style and customize design and last but not least JavaScript add programmatic feature to those elements.

Get more Instagram Followers

Increase Instagram Followers

Increasing Instagram Followers is a main goal of many Instagram accounts that want to have an influence in the society. Increasing your audience in Instagram helps you to improve your business. Get more followers shows your power in cyber space. In this article I introduce 6 ways to increase your Instagram audiences. These 6 ways are easy to use and more effective for your audience.

Create Template for your post and stories. Integrated template for your content attracts more followers in your page. People pay attention to what they see and integrated content makes good experience of visiting your page. If you are an advanced user of adobe, learn Adobe Lightroom and if you need some easier tools you can visit canva website that is good for beginner.
Have schedule for your post: Although scheduled posts show your discipline. Sometimes posting unscheduled post makes people angry and they may leave your page. Think about a page that have zero post for a week and suddenly have 10 post simultaneously in a day. Of course this is bothering your audience.
Follow users with a robot. Following user can take their follow back to your page. Experience shows that this way take average of 30 followers per day. This can be a good way for new Instagram users. But be careful about Instagram restriction. You cannot send more than Instagram limitation per second. Sending more causes your page being blocked by Instagram.
Create challenges in your page. Challenges may refer to a lottery in your page that encourage people to follow your page or any other innovative challenges that you have created.
You can promote one of your posts by Instagram. Promotion is one of the tools that Instagram proved for users. This feature helps you to have more seen by users in Instagram feed. This part needs to pay money but it worth to have more followers.
Have advertise in other famous and similar pages. In this scenario you need to have a good advertisement video or post picture that attract people to your page. You can combine advertisement with a challenges in your post. For instance you can create a lottery and advertise it to other pages, so many user want to win your lottery and may follow you.
Improving in Instagram needs to be patience and have lots of innovation. Of cures people wants to reduce they problem and you can be a solution for most of them. Think about your audience and take their glance at your page. See the situation from your audience; it’s the most important point that helps you to have a good page in Instagram.

How to become a full stack web developer

What Is The Best Way To Learn Designing And Developing A Website?

For several years of Designing and developing website, the serious problem for me was always what is the fastest and the best way to becoming website developer or designer? Although there is not just one way to learning, finding or even trying to find the optimum solution that can be a good question for any masters and full stack web developer. The solution that I think I’m close to it, is a Combination of two approaches: Top down Approach and bottom up to gather.
First, the beginner should start learning C.M.S (Content Management System). This is what I say top down approach. In this approach the beginner sees the whole word before any start. He or she feels World Wide Web without any knowledge of details. In this approach they feel what is Front and Back of website without any explanation. They Understand the implantation of a website and feel succeed. But they don’t think this is the end of the road; it’s just the beginning.
During the learning, what is CMS and how install it, is time to start understanding the whole concept. The whole concept tries to clearance the whole map. In this time the learner tries to understand what is web server? How it works? What is web application and how is its work inside of web server? What about databases and its connection to web application? Which parts of the area are called back? What is the role of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and which part of this area consider Front-End? All of these questions should be shown in the Concept of CMS.
After understanding those things, now it’s time for starting bottom-up approach. In this time the learner should quit working with CMS and he just focus on learning the basic of web designing and then web developing. Now learner must learn to implement the website that he or she did it with CMS. Now it’s time of the hardest part of learning. These two steps that learner passed, help him/her for this phase. First he/she should learn the concept of web design that is supposed to learning three basic cores of web, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And now is time for practice and take a time to be a master of web designing. In my opinion it’s not necessary for learning frameworks such as Bootstrap or JQuery or any thing else. Just be a Expert in core of web designing. After learning web design, now it’s time for last part and it becomes front-end. In this part learner must warm up the cold web design pages with server side programming. After passing whole the way now it’s time to be a master of his own skill and become a full stack web developer.
Last but not least, it’s time to learn all the modern Frameworks for both side (Back and Front) of web. Frameworks like Bootstrap, JQuery, and Angular and so on for front end and chose the server side frame work based on his/her chosen language. After this part the learner becomes a master and he needs experience and hard working to just improve his/her self.
Basically there is no one way to become a full stack web developer, but in my opinion it can be a good way to first learning CMS and then come to the World Wide Web with learning step by step of coding.

Ali Hafezi