Nikan Multi platform Software Startup

In mid-2011, I decided to create a content management system for sale. Nikan Company welcomed the idea and the process of its producing started. This system was a store CMS with ASP.Net technology which its cloud database was monitored by a windows-based software available for site manager for sales analyzing. In those days windows-based programs were still splendor and accounting and data analysis software had a special situation in the market. Therefor the mission of windows-based part of this program was designed to replacing with accounting software of those days.

The goal was to remove the time-consuming storage process. Because the products were sold online and windows-based software system was updating through the cloud database and it was providing sales analysis.

This program was published until the fourth trial version and I were stopped due to lack of technical, managerial and startup knowledge and wrong market analysis.


  • Nikan

  • 2010

  • ASP.Net

  • Startup Project


Ali Hafezi