Search Engine Optimization

Today the search Engine Optimization is one of the most important issues of any active and motivated webmaster. Usually every manager whom knows the priority of this subject, tries to use standard optimization. Thus this optimization enhance popularity  in their sites. With this method managers can enhance their e-commercial every day and be the victory of the competition of being better watched.

In this paper we try to have a introduction of S.E.O concept that oriented from search engine optimization and search this issue which we always emphasize that S.E.O is a new science. We hope that this paper will considered by all dear readers.



Today search engines are the most favored tools that users use for finding productions and information in the web. As a result, the proper level in search engines can have a effective rule in your success in  world wide web. The purpose of site optimization for search engines is to increase the number of viewers by placing in non-monetary and organic search engines. Different and many factors have a rule in grading search engines.


  • GoogleSearch Engine Optimization B.A University Thesis

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  • Spring 2015

B.A University Thesis

Ali Hafezi